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Posted on May 30th, 2018 . As described for Windows, you might encounter issues with python if your installation is incomplete, or pip's installation directory is not in your PATH. Michael currently works and resides in Washington, D. – martineau May 1 at 14:34 Our command-line interface also lets you convert a Shodan data file (ending in . 2. Its usage is varied from simple scripts to extensive programs. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) — is the information gathering from the publicly available sources and its analysis to produce an actionable intelligence. The Greenland challenge was a lot of fun and one of the more difficult challenges as participants were not given much information other than a starting IP address with no clear indication what the flag could potentially be. OSINT tool for security auditing with Python Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is intelligence collected from publicly available sources. I have a love/hate relationship with Citrix firmware upgrades, the last one managed to break the hardware on one of the appliances which resulted in it re-ordering the network interfaces (a bit annoying when it's 2am). By Kaboom : Script That Automates The Penetration Test. Each cell can be a step in a pipeline that can use a high-level language directly (e. Participants will be shown how to "dig" into the internet for personal information about any target. Python is one of the greatest programming languages for hackers. here is a ssid attack script from mwrinfosecurity. For my background, I have been coding in Python since 2009 and have written or improved a few Python OSINT tools including: pagodo (Passive Google Dork) - Automate Google Hacking Database scraping; An updated version of metagoofil Scripts without an underscore are the ones used for automated collection of data using standalone scripts. I have been using my yubikey for logging into my keepass xc password manager. beginner. Custom bash scripts used to automate various pentesting tasks. Instead it is better to think about being pseudonymous when conducting OSINT enquiries. 1. Our focus for day 2 begins with creating an OSINT assessment process and examining several OSINT frameworks that will help us while conducting our assessments. osint, python. It provides news,information,analysis and opinions based on Open Sources, OSINT, on major issues related to global security,terrorism,counter-terrorism,intelligence The talk would aim about making an introduction to open source intelligence automation tools(OSINT) developed in Python, commenting the process we can follow OSINT. To assist the testing of SSID script injection a Python based tool for Atheros chipsets was developed, which acts as a wrapper of iwconfig and wlanconfig creating two different wireless interface instances in Access Point mode with the desired SSIDs. After finishing this course, you will be able to integrate batch, power shell, and Python scripts with your everyday tasks and duties. Be sure to choose a filename other than "shodan" so that there are no conflicts between referencing the library and the script itself. For example, just because a Python script hasn't found that piece of  An #OSINT Framework to perform various recon techniques on Companies, People, Use specific script / launch automated OSINT for consolidated data. When used this way, Jupyter notebooks became “visual shell scripts” tailored for data science work. A lot of this work I do via the command line, yes there is a nice GUI available but when I sat the Netscaler course the instructor told us that the command A VM for Hackers, Researchers & Investigators. OSX. \URI. com. For this course, I decided it would be interesting for attendees to learn how to develop simple tools (scripts) that allow them to perform OSINT using Python with a series of practical exercises with a specific objective each. If you already use Amazon, or have your own Linux server somewhere, you can skip this step. Create custom operating systems to always  Dec 27, 2012 Essential OSINT Tools for Social Engineering as recommended by Dale Recon -NG – A nice Python Script that automates recon on LinkedIn,  Kali Linux OS has many OSINT tools installed by default and would only require API LinkedInt python script (https://github. This interactive training identifies and demonstrates multiple free online resources that break through traditional search roadblocks. Spiderfoot autonomously collects information about a target and converts the results into an easily understandable report. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. autosint, 234. those data. Good. I wanted to find a way to automate some of it if possible but had no idea where to turn. OSINT search Description is an small python script  Aug 23, 2017 I did a quick run with python emailOsint. e1f4937, Tool to automate common osint tasks. CignoTrack – Corporate espionage tool for testing privacy and security using OSINT and social engineering. Twint ⭐ 1,275 An advanced Twitter scraping & OSINT tool written in Python that doesn't use Twitter's API, allowing you to scrape a user's followers, following, Tweets and more while evading most API limitations. com/mdsecactivebreach/LinkedInt)  Tech-Powered OSINT: hunting for intelligence in open sources with Python. Trape is a OSINT analysis and research tool, which allows people to track and execute intelligent social engineering attacks in real time. Here you can find the complete list of penetration test tools covering the performance of penetration testing in the entire environment. Python is the language of choice for hackers, forensics practitioners and intelligence gatherers. SpiderFoot – Open Source Intelligence Automation Tool (OSINT) creepy – Geolocation Information Aggregator. Penetration testing tools cheat sheet, a quick reference high level overview for typical penetration testing engagements. More and more investigations are being conducted on Tor and many of them can also include investigating Bitcoin transactions. The Google Python class, the MIT Python Class, Learn Python the Hardware, Think Python, Automate the Boring stuff with Python, and buying Python courses from Boing Boing. I took the Master Course which bundled an introduction to Python in addition to all of the OSINT focused modules. com, and collect larger datasets from web pages for offline analysis. Through scripting. SpiderFoot-modules Python 2. Splunk:. OSINT tools developed with python for extracting public information from servers and domains. The nature of Bitcoin is such that the transactions themselves are designed to be anonymous but there are many other factors that can dictate whether the owner of a Bitcoin wallet is protecting their identity correctly. May 30, 2018 If you use the free Buscador OSINT Linux Virtual Machine, you have likely noticed that sudo chmod +x /home/osint/update_scripts. org and API keys as possible or you may find these buggy scripts crashing. HackersOnlineClub is a leading website for Information Security Ethical Hacking, Cyber Forensic, Website Security, VAPT, Mobile Security. Contribute to krmaxwell/osint-scripts development by creating an account on GitHub "Information”! Let's get this free information using various tools. Search multiple organization with Shodan. Bash scripts. from pymisp import PyMISP from cudeso import misp_key from cudeso import misp_url from cudeso import misp_verifycert This will import the API key and url from an external file. Bunch of python libraries (use requirements. com/feeds/dga-feed. Search Pointings archive for ACS images more than 75 degrees from galactic plane with 5 exposures in U band AND more than 1 in I band, output as comma separated list save results in file out_py. "Doing OSINT investigations for clients is a time consuming complex task. The final  Use custom Python scripts to export online data. C. His books "Open Source Intelligence Techniques" and "Hiding from the Internet" have been best sellers in both the United States and Europe. I learned that twitter API doesn’t allow to get all the replies to a tweet but can be used to search for replies to a given tweet and replies to any reply as well. dataSploit has been made with a modular approach in mind. (Part Two of the series) Let’s get started! Setting up a Digital Ocean Droplet. Join GitHub today. One of the goals of my research is to I feel that if they don’t have my information on their site, searching my real name might give them an indication of my existence, hence allowing them to OSINT on me. Write some Python to handle the scanning and some of the other data management to deal with the scan results. Datasploit automagically do rest of the things for you. Ho ho ho andMerry Christmas! It's #OSINTuesday, and here's our first blog post: Python, Your Friendly OSINT Helper! On this week's blog, we have three smaller blog posts, each of which discusses Python in relation to OSINT. information gathering and OSINT built in a portable web application. advanced. OSINT For Fun And Profit: #Presidentielle2017 Edition I’m writing scripts designed to analyze patterns in Twitter streams. Using PyMISP for OSINT. txt); In Kali Linux, please install the  Scripts to automate Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) - 0xmachos/OSINT. py <IP_address>. g. Conducting mass-OSINT on multiple targets at once Point-and-shoot scripts or tooling such as Recon_NG, theHarvester, Maltego Stoicism. gz) into CSV so you don't need to write any code. py -d example. Active reconnaissance, information gathering and OSINT built in a portable web application. stand out amongst the random scripts people have hacked together  Feb 5, 2017 OSINT tools for security auditingOpen Source Intelligence with python tools José Manuel Ortega @jmortegac . py Authored and researched by Oleksiy Kuzmenko, Michael Colborne Ahead of Ukrainian parliamentary elections on July 21, it is clear from polling data that Ukraine’s far-right groups and their ideas enjoy little popular support among its citizens. A Google Maps alternative from the Chinese search company Baidu. Nov 29, 2018 Skiptracer utilizes some basic python webscraping (BeautifulSoup) of PII paywall sites to compile passive Skiptracer – OSINT Python Webscaping Framework. \ipAddress. 0 Introduction. Before digging into the tools let's have a fair idea of what OSINT is and what can be achieved out of it. Written in Python, this tool allows you to collect relevant information about a target and make/plan your attack/defence smoothly and quickly. How to leverage Python to write custom scripts/tools for improvising a penetration test. Robot" on the USA network. Retrieving data from the Internet could mean using a web browser to view a page or, as we learn in this section, using command line tools, scripts, and helper applications. Sep 8, 2016 A tool to perform various OSINT techniques, aggregate all the raw data, visualise it on a dashboard, and Virus Total API Python Script. domainOsint. SpiderFoot automates OSINT to find out everything possible about your target. Pyinstaller is a program that packages Python programs into stand-alone executables, under the most used OSs (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Solaris and AIX). Problem is I never finished any of them. A few weeks ago I upgraded the firmware on our front facing Netscaler appliances. I’ve written a few scripts in Python 3 for work, and think that Python 3 is where we should be focusing and teaching, but that Contribute to krmaxwell/osint-scripts development by creating an account on GitHub. , R, Python), or a lower-level shell command. py with Then download the source code from here and run the python script  Jun 17, 2016 Open Source Intelligence is the art of collecting information which is scattered on publicly available sources. The OSINT Journal is an educational service for public understanding of complex problems and issues facing the world today,in particular, those related to intelligence and security. 2). adminpagefinder, 0. My primary answer would be first: I can’t give any tips or tradecraft pointers until I know what research questions you are trying to answer. OSINT tools for security auditing [FOSDEM edition] Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. What is this? D0xk1t is an open-source, self-hosted and easy to use OSINT and active reconnaissance web application for penetration testers. Now that we have installed this nmap module, it will be available to us for use in a later tutorial. txt Fastly employs Python scripts similar to the one above. One interesting outcome of these leaks is the NSA access to 0Day vulnerabilities on Microsoft products and who knows if other big companies as well (Google, Apple, Adobe, etc. The scope of OSINT is not limited to… TRAPE- OSINT Analysis And Research Tool People tracker on the Internet: Learn to track the world, to avoid being traced. Create a file in a text editor such as Microsoft Notepad, and include the following lines of code. Advertisements. Based off of the prior command-line script, D0xk1t is now fully capable of conducting reconnaissance and ViewDNS also has a great API to pull these records down in XML and JSON formats which are easily used in scripts and other programs. Open-source intelligence (OSINT): some usefull script for gathering information. For example, domainOsint and domain_subdomains. It accomplishes this by generating convulutaed, randomized Bash code that at runtime evaluates to the original input and executes it. bambenekconsulting. ) under the cooperation programs Microsoft Active OSINT Tools & Links. In this talk, we’ll be going over how to scrape websites for data using Python. Use Android Emulators to exploit content only available in apps. infosec, osint I’ve been wanting to expand beyond just bash scripting for most of my career. Check out the Baidu view of the world in relation to border disputes. com/8uxqNv7z . Netscaler: Basic Command Cheat Sheet Over the last few years I’ve spent a lot of time working with Citrix Netscalers, check out www. What if there was a way to write simple add-on scripts similar to tamper and leverage the power of python including third-party libraries. tinfoleak is a simple Python script that allow to  Open-≠‐Source Intelligence (OSINT) refers to a broad array of informa…on and sources that are Embedded Splunk func7onality -≠‐ Search Commands/ Search Scripts. Of course, we could do this manually, but this tool will save  Dec 24, 2017 Incorporating Facial Recognition into Your OSINT. com, collect users and groups from portal. Wrote Python scripts connecting to APIs to streamline and modernize the security The “OSINT Landscape” — a Cross-platform and very easy to integrate into scripts. Eg. dataSploit takes care of the rest. UINames – Nice tool for generating fake persona information (includes images for the associated persona. I found automatingosint. A python program can be executed in two ways: 1). While popular sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are In OTW's post on How to Find the Exact Location of Any IP Address he asked if someone could write an interactive script for this, so, here is it The script can be found here Discover scripts automate all aspects of passive and active reconnaissance. Presentation and code are available at VULNEX website. Allow for scripts python ip_blacklist_tor. In the next installment, we will work on migrating this lookup to a Python script. x validators python-whois Scripts used in this class cover different fields of Digital Forensics such as computer, mobile, network, OSINT and general forensic analysis. Creepy is a geolocation OSINT Tool Then run the python script CreepyMain. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Scripts de geolocalización en Python Buenas a todos, hoy os voy a hablar de como podemos montarnos unos script de geolocalización haciendo uso de los datos de los usuarios que almacena Google en sus BBDD, si si, habéis leido bien, vamos a usar los datos de geolocalización que todos y cada uno de nosotros le damos a Google cada vez que Penetration testing & hacking tools Tools are used more frequently by security industries to test network and application vulnerabilities. Tools are important but not knowing the usage of a tool will leave the user helpless. GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. He also serves as the technical advisor for the television hacker drama "Mr. The stoics of ancient Greco-Roman times were deep thinkers, the name comes from 'stoa poikilê' which was the building in Athens were members congregated to hold lectures and conversations. I've been using these scripts the past few days and am loving the results. All in one Information gathering tool - OSINT Written by: maldevel ( twitter ) Dependencies Python 2. 1, This python script looks for a large amount of possible . csv or domain_parsed. As I was barely past the "Hello World" program in Python I was a bit intimidated to join and get started. The power of simple scripting for mitmproxy can be used to solve many more OSINT gathering needs. Easy to contribute OSINT Framework. Tools like AutoIT scripts, python, powershell, and other fast-development languages are excellent for rapidly stringing together a series of Have I Been Pwned allows you to search across multiple data breaches to see if your email address has been compromised. Whether you have never written a line of code before or you are tired of trying to learn Python through meaningless games of tic tac toe, this course will take you from zero to Python hero in no time. The information contains network info (IPs), file hashes, file paths, domain names, URLs. With evolution of social media and  Jul 12, 2017 The Operative Framework is a powerful Python-based open-source intelligence ( OSINT) tool Lightweight OSINT Scripts for Specific Tasks. A Python script can also be started like any other script under Linux, e. It provides numerous different ways of making Bash one-liners or scripts much more difficult to understand. Jan 8, 2019 A key part of this process is the Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT) phase. The following Python script can be used to test for the proper installation and execution of Python-based CGI scripts with IIS. They can also be used for scanning. DataSploit is an easy to use OSINT framework, but you can also use it as a library and write your own modules/tools. OSR python scripts; 30. Also included is the powerful cross-platform OSINT Spiderfoot tool. Getting Started Scripting with Python Now that know how to install modules in Python, I want to cover some of the basic concepts and terminology of Python, then the basic syntax, and finally, we will write some scripts that will be useful to hackers everywhere, which will demonstrate the power Dec 25, 2018 This will provide you with a solid understanding of automating OSINT. The SANS 542. Jul 1, 2019 Skiptracer is an OSINT scraping framework that utizes basic python and should only be used if you don't have access to Python scripts. blackarch-recon. Designed as a quick reference cheat sheet providing a high level overview of the typical commands a third-party pen test company would run when performing a manual infrastructure penetration test. azure. Botvrij. My interest in Python was modest; I wanted to be able to modify (if needed) Python tools I use and to write automation scripts to make my job easier. You’ll be asked to provide the path to your FOCA log file then the script will write a CSV file to your working directory (IP_parsed. Code for Banner, Main and Output function. Using Wine and Pyinstaller. Datasploit is An Automated Open Source Intelligence Tool and OSINT Framework to perform various recon techniques, aggregate all the raw Kali Linux Hacking Tools Introduction. Dark Web OSINT With Python Part Three: Visualization. Sep 12, 2017 Want to dip your toes into Python and learn the basics? There's a course for that! A few years ago Lawrence Alexander published a great piece  Feb 23, 2018 Open Source Intelligence (aka OSINT) on the other side is way more At first, I tried to create random python scripts to automate some of these  Aug 16, 2018 Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is data collected from publicly The "modules " directory contains several built-in Python scripts that query  Performs automated OSINT on a domain / email / username / phone and find out Available as single consolidating tool as well as standalone scripts. Bing Maps are an alternative to the highly popular Google Maps… In the last weeks the news related to PRISM has not stopped since leaked by Edward Snowden, who worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, a defense contractor for the NSA. BitSquat – Nice little python script to help find bitsquating domain opportunities. txt Once Python and the Shodan library are installed, we can begin writing a new Python script. The scripts in the aopy directory are from or were inspired by Justin Seitz's excellent Python Automating Osint Master course. Created using our beloved Python, DataSploit simply requires the bare minimum data  Perimeter Monitoring. The purpose of this article is to look at some of the ways OSINT practitioners can still be uniquely identifiable despite the use of sock puppets, and why a digital fingerprint should be part of any pseudonym. Advanced Twitter scraping tool written in Python that doesn't use ScrapedIn — a Python script that scrapes profile data and imports it into XLSX file (intended to be used with Google Spreadsheets). We have two alerting  Oct 8, 2015 This is some great Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) information First up, place the Python scripts in a location on your computer, like  Si quieres saber más sobre lo que son las técnicas OSINT y quieres saber la nuestro programa listo para ejecutarse (es necesario tener instalado python). com and it was exactly what I was looking for. Automating OSINT Internet is the ocean of data and looking for the information manually might be time-consuming and not effective, plus automated tools could make correlation you wouldn’t spot otherwise. Presenter: Stewart Olson Title: Battalion: Automating OSINT for Fun and Profit Description: Many tasks lend themselves to automation and there are a plethora of tools to assist in the automation process. Office365. Dark Web OSINT With Python Part Three: Visualization popular hidden services with a high number of links and along the way learn some Python and how to use Gephi For this course, I decided it would be interesting for attendees to learn how to develop simple tools (scripts) that allow them to perform OSINT using Python with a series of practical exercises with a specific objective each. Thus, writing a new module is as simple as adding a new script to a module folder and that's it. Iulia Avram From Python script to Open Source Project. 20 May 2019 Un compendio de herramientas en Python para temas de seguridad y para En su perfil en GitHub hay disponible un repositorio de scripts  May 21, 2018 One of the most common applications of OSINT for a defender is to perform That means scripting, and often those scripts will leverage an API. . py will expect a domain name to be passed. com for more details (yes I know I’m lazy). From a PowerShell prompt run . Bashfuscator is a modular and extendable Bash obfuscation framework written in Python 3. py russ@holisticinfosec. I have a small amount of Python experience (like I can write simple scripts, not quickly…but I can do it) and am a Associate level AppSec employee at Lending Club. Posted on The python script can be viewed at https://pastebin. com python domain_subdomains. A collection of random OSINT scripts and files that can be used for OSINT, threatintel, and other data collection tasks. Description Open Source Intelligence Techniques: Resources for Searching and Analyzing Online Information [Michael Bazzell] on Amazon. On the Linux command line, we can create a new file and begin editing it using nano. . Open Source Intelligence or OSINT is the way to gather and unlock the intelligence embedded in all that data. I did some search and found a python script from @edu on github that was a good starting point. Yes, PowerShell favors Windows users; feel free to rip and replace for use in Python or your preferred scripting venue. py; In order to run any script, pass the respective argument. Hi Micah, I am looking into taking your class in SF in November. Based on Ubuntu rather than Debian, Buscador does not include the formidable set of cyber weaponry that Kali boasts, instead hand-picking a collection of useful OSINT, privacy, and capture tools into one stealthy package. We wanted to make things simple for even a novice user to understand. Save the file in the scripts folder as Test. Walk-through the layers of TCP/IP protocol suite & How Python could be used at each layer from security perspective. Two steps are necessary for this purpose: The shebang line #!/usr/bin/env python3 has to be added as the first line of your Python code file. aopy Directory Scripts. ps1. Walk-Through. eu provides different sets of open source IOCs that you can use in your security devices to detect possible malicious activity. Advantages and limitations these tools from the user point of view. OSINT tools developed with python Geolocation,Metadata Twitter,Footprinting,FullContact Agenda OSR python scripts. Hackers can think of the Buscador OSINT virtual machine like an OSINT-focused version of Kali Linux. Performs automated OSINT on a domain / email / username / IP and find out relevant information from different sources. In the intelligence community IC, the term "open" refers to overt, publicly available sources (as opposed to covert or clandestine sources); it is not related to open-source software or public intelligence. If you use the free Buscador OSINT Linux Virtual Machine, you have likely noticed that the Instagram tool stopped working. json. May 28, 2019 Crosslinked is Python script for extracting company employee names from LinkedIn. py. -Osrframework and Maltego OSINT visualisation tool -Libraries and modules for collecting information from Tor and ZeroNet networks -Tinfoleak and Tweepy as Python scripts for data extraction on Sample Python Scripts. Through the Python terminal (called interactive mode). Oct 13, 2016 wget http://osint. Despite the wealth of resources available to learn Python, I wanted a more structured environment to learn the basics. python domainOsint. DataSploit: An OSINT Framework to Perform Various Recon Techniques. security Hacking hacking stuff Linux security Log management Log management & Compliance network security python python scripts python Important Updates to Buscador 1. csv). -FullContact API for obtain social networks profiles associated with an email address. Based on Metasploit, Recon-ng is a complete Python module for the education of Tim Tomes, which is popular with hackers and investigators. Comment how these tools are developed and the main modules used in their development. Python Pentesting Multi platform Prototypes and proofs of concept(POC) Many tools and libraries focused on security OSINT and Pentesting tools Very good documentation Basic OPSEC Tips & Tricks for OSINT researchers Often i get asked if i’ve got some pointers and tools for OPSEC during online investigations. Mar 19, 2019 SpiderFoot is an Open Source Intelligence tool written in Python that . Some of the tools to comment are: Censys and Shodan Python API as search engine server information. Automating OSINT Python Course. com . 7 -Osrframework and Maltego OSINT visualisation tool -Libraries and modules for collecting information from Tor and ZeroNet networks -Tinfoleak and Tweepy as Python scripts for data extraction on twitter. ; If thats the case, you can try invoking pip and h8mail with the same command lines as Windows. Write some more Python to make some cool graphs. ps1 or . Not because of its easiness actually, but its ease-of-use and… Configured an Apache server for collecting internal asset information and OSINT on malicious communicating hosts. Open Source. Once you have setup PyMISP you can use one of the example scripts to generate the OSINT feed. OSINT & Internet investigations tools, software, links, resources for law enforcement & private investigators. However, with some knowledge of Python you can build your own tools, or integrate those data with other tools such as Maltego. I tried learning Perl, and then I tried Python. Writing custom modules/scripts for dataSploit. citrix. Omnibus is our new open-source Python application which provides the means to collect OSINT information from dozens of public sources through built-in modules, store the collected data in a searchable manner, and automatically extract new artifacts found in the modules’ results for further inspection. So starting from @edu code I wrote Twitter Scraper, a project – made of 2 Open Source OSINT Assistant: datasploit Created using our beloved Python, MongoDb and Django, DataSploit simply requires the bare minimum data (such as domain Skills Required: IP search engine OSINT, Pastebin OSINT, Twitter OSINT, Facebook OSINT, basic knowledge of FTP. The first method is highly impractical for larger and more complicated programs. The Shodan API is actually returning a dict, not a set, which is a different built-in Python container-type. sh (this makes the new script able to execute) sudo apt remove python-enum34 –purge Apr 20, 2019 Google-images-download: Python Script to download hundreds of Trape: An OSINT analysis and research tool in Python, which allows  May 2, 2019 It is very common that OSINT tools are used for threat intelligence or cyber investigations. As an example you can use this in you Python scripts. What is Open Source Intelligence? OSINT stands for open source intelligence. If you like the scripts and Python, go check out his site and trainings. We have used similar scripts to do things like gather target organization Global Address Lists from portal. Written in Python and hosted on Github. We’ll show you how easy it is to build your own tools and to write scripts that can be used in Maltego to enrich our data. In recent years, a brand new reconnaissance framework has become available to us that leverages many of the tools we are already using, but makes them far more powerful. The scripts automatically pull and run the applicable Metasploit modules based on the info that was gathered during the scanning phase. popular hidden services with a high number of links and along the way learn some Python and how to use Gephi Dark Web OSINT With Python and OnionScan: Part One Written by Justin, July 28th, 2016 You may have heard of this awesome tool called OnionScan that is used to scan hidden services in the dark web looking for potential data leaks. Scripts that demonstrate Python efficiency in accomplishing offensive/defensive tasks involved in a Pen test. osint python scripts

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